Thursday, July 29, 2010


This week, I have been in search of some photographic inspiration that could help my current work continue to grow. While searching through the archives of Redux photos, I came across a photographer who I find to be truly inspiring. Q. Sakamaki, is a Japanese born photographer working in New York, his work focuses on human rights issues and deadly conflicts, and have appeared in Newsweek, Rollingstone, and won numerous awards. While the subject matter in itself is truly gripping, but what I found most interesting about his images were the attention to the smallest detail. He is able to take images of something as mundane as a kitchen sink, and make it appear to be so important. Which lately in my own work, I have not paid enough attention to the surrounding details of my subject matter. After looking at his portfolio I realized how important the tiniest detail can be to an image. I've attached several images that I found truly great.

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